You might have a few questions. Let me try to predict them.



1. Can anyone implement a Preflight challenge?









2. Does it cost anything to implement a challenge?

No! Preflight is meant to be a program where professionals and schools collaborate and use their skillsets to frame the challenge. Depending on the challenge, there may be some materials costs. 



3. What is Design Thinking, and how does it fit into the challenges?

Design Thinking is a human-centered problem solving process pioneered by IDEO that was used to build this idea! See this toolkit from the Stanford d. School to get an overview. 

Preflight challenges can be done with or without the Design Thinking process. The time planning example framework on the home page is split into basic design thinking steps of learning about the end user, brainstorming and prototyping. It's up to you to decide how much to build Design Thinking into the process. 



4. How do Preflight Challenges complement school curriculum?

Preflight challenges can be structured to reinforce key ideas from a class's curriculum. Additionally, the professional should speak on how the skills from the class translate to their job. For example, if a science class was planning on a unit on electricity, an electrical engineer could talk about how the basic principles of electricity inform and guide thier work. 



Have other questions? Let me know!



Yes! Preflight challenges are meant to be open-source and can be modified to fit your needs. At its core, Preflight is about giving students experience solving real world problems and interacting with a professional. See the approaches section on the Teacher page for modification ideas, and let me know if you are a professional, teacher or student that wants to organize a challenge.