Marketing Challenge

School: Da Vinci Charter Academy, Davis, California

Date: November, 2014

Length: 4 weeks, two mini-presentations

Contact Teacher: Kait Sangster,

Challenge Phases:


  1.  Jeanne Callahan visited the class for a day and talked about her career as an accountant, marketer and small business owner. She presented a slideshow about marketing, while the class took notes and asked questions afterwards. 

  2. For the first phase of the challenge, student teams chose a company and presented a slideshow about how the company used the "5 P's" of marketing. Students had about one week of work time. Download this PowerPoint template  

  3. Next, Jeanne Skyped into class (yes, it actually worked!) and talked for about half of a class period about her husband's small metal fabrication business. Students learned about the goals, products, target market and current strategy of the small business. 

  4. Students worked for another week to develop three marketing strategies for the small business. They created a slideshow, a handout, and additional materials related to their strategies (ie a brochure, flyer, website mockup or logo).

  5. Jeanne returned to class, and the students presented their ideas.


Download the project guidelines here


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